AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run App Reviews

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Good start

Itll get you to trail but not map of the actual route still good maps and verity

Very few trails for canada

Dont bother.

Only US

No trails outside of US.


Even when youre in the USA, this app is terrible. Im in a town that advertises over 79 hiking and biking trails. This app cant find any of them. #fail


Uploaded so many trails in my area and non of them show. Located in Toronto Canada and my closest trails show in US. Cant even rate trails as keep getting error notifications. Dont bother with this app

Has potential to be greatly improved

Very few trails listed for Canada and Im not digging the full-screen login splash page... Just take me directly to the apps "meat and potatoes" rather than the login page.

Terrible App

Clearly very little thought went in this this. Theres no trails listed in Canada and the ones that are listed in the US do not have full info.

Yes. Canada

The people saying there are no trails in Canada listed are completely wrong. Tons of trails in Kananaskis are listed!


This app is crappy. It has no search function and cannot locate trails that are right in front of you. Its more frustration than its worth.

Would pay for a better app

For a free app this is a great little tool, however it is far from complete. Many trails in my area are not listed.

Its not ready yet

Lots of potential but doesnt give info or maps of the actual trail. There are a number of trails listed but then no info on where it goes.... Ill maybe check back in a year??..

Tracking the Trails!

As a remote Saskatchewan resident, I wasnt expecting there to be any trails registered for my area. The awesomeness of this App comes in when you select it to track a trail, and let it follow you. It tells you everything! Elevations, time, speed travelled, distance travelled, and it maps it perfectly with the GPS! The only downside is I cant load the trails Ive tracked so other can enjoy them!

Great App.

I like this app. But great hikes are missing. People should be able to add hikes. Sulphur skyline at Miette Hotsprings isnt on there. And that is a wounderful hike . A great view , then a soak in the Hotsprings after.

Looks good

Ill be adding a few of my favorite trails that appear to be missing. Like the ability to find trails nearby.

Great app

Love the app, sure it doesnt have every map and trail on it, but it relies on us the end user. I have added some trails already, and have used it for many others.


Truly obnoxious ads, with no possibility to opt out. Like many other users, I submitted a bunch of routes in good faith, only for them to be junked. Conclusion - these guys do not give a flying **** about content, only monetization opportunities.

Works for me!

I enjoy this app; for browsing hikes in the area, general info, tips and reviews from other hikers along with an occasional picture from their hike... Ill keep using this app! :) thanks!

They should have left it along

Worked great until the updates now it wont load trail and you cant add photos after youve completed the trail if you can get them open

Does not work!

If you have an older phone (iPhone 4s) this app is garbage. It worked great on my phone for 2 years. I used it daily until new version updates made it hard to work with. Now it is completely useless. Wished they had kept an older version for users with older phones. The app launches extremely slow and does not track your routes as it once did.

Great app!

Traveling and used this app to find a popular local trail. Used it to track our progress and share it afterwards, works great!

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